Limited screen space? No problem! Full cross-device compatibility

If you need your website to run on mobile platforms, be it Android or iOS, we’ve got you covered. Our designs scale depending on screen size, allowing you to offer an optimal experience to your site's visitors, whether they visit your site on a desktop PC, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Support for a wide variety of devices

Support for a wide variety of devices

Your website gets built while keeping in mind support for a wide variety of mobile devices. So whether your visitors run Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Meego or some other mobile platform, your website will keep working.

One of the ways in which we achieve that support is by building our website in a manner that allows them to be neatly displayed on most of these devices. Nowadays, with technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, we no longer have a need to maintain multiple versions of the same website.

We can now easily show exactly the content we want to show in the way we want to show it, using CSS3 with which we apply a different style sheet depending on the available screen space. These sites can be viewed comfortably on basically any device with a web browser and proper support for modern web technologies.

Beautiful designs that scale

Beautiful designs that scale

Screen real estate is limited on mobile devices, and it’s vitally important to put every available pixel to good use. We design websites that scale, and can show or hide information on the fly, depending on the space available.

You still want to enable as much functionality as possible on mobile devices, but usually sites are designed for desktop PCs, which means that these sites are less comfortable to use on smaller screens and touch-based interfaces. Using a variety of techniques (like the web standard CSS3), we can show or hide certain information, or moving it to a different place on the screen, allowing us to optimally make use of the available screen space.

So you can have a desktop site with all the bells and whistles enabled, and then have it progressively scale down for tablets and smartphones.

Standards-compliant usability

Standards-compliant usability

We use the latest Web standards to build your website, ensuring maximum compatibility between devices, while at the same time optimizing your web browsing experience to the device used.

Adhering to web standards has a lot of advantages. It makes it easier to maintain your website, because of the separation between design and content. Websites are made using HTML, which is essentially a plain text markup language. If HTML were a closed source binary file format, it would be a lot harder to work with this. It can also be easily transformed into other content formats, should the need arise.

Adhering to web standards also improves your search engine rankings, since they rely on interpreting your site, and the better it adheres to the standards the better search engines are at correctly interpreting your site. It also improves accessibility with screen readers, for example.

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