Serious Request Leeuwarden game backend

For NDC Mediagroep B.V. (a Dutch media company owning regional newspapers and magazines, examples of which are Dagblad van het Noorden and Leeuwarder Courant), we developed an API and database backend for a game developed by students from Friesland College, in cooperation with Friesland College and the game developer Critical Bit.

The API and backend's purpose was to convert coupon codes (which the public could buy at a fixed price), into game time which could then be used to play the game, titled Africa Run, developed by the students with support from Critical Bit. The API used JSON as the communication standard between the API and the game, and it was built in JavaScript using NodeJS and Express, with a MySQL backend to store the coupons and songs/artists and tally the final results which each song has won (coupon money was allocated to each winning song based on which song won in-game).

Project Details:

NDC Mediagroep B.V.
Project name: 
Serious Request game
December 2013