New site design for GlassConnect

In September 2012 Asteroid Interactive redesigned the GlassConnect BV website. GlassConnect is a nationwide Dutch cooperative of automotive windscreen repair and replacement firms with 20 branches in the Netherlands.

Asteroid was tasked with designing a new website for GlassConnect. Previously, GlassConnect was a franchise of windscreen repair and replacement firms, with branches throughout the country. Reorganisation eventually proved necessary, and the company was reincorporated as a cooperative, meaning that the former franchise leadership and all its assets were transferred to the franchisees. This change in the way the company worked meant the website was in need of some significant changes as well, of course having to change the message it conveyed, but a facelift wouldn’t hurt either, to further reiterate the new direction the company has taken.

Therefore we redesigned the website and also limited the amount of content that we put on it. The old website was very elaborate and complex in terms of the way the information was laid out, and most of this information was obsolete. Still, we wanted to keep the option open to expand the site later, and this was one of the reasons why we settled for Drupal as the platform to develop the site on. Because of this, we can easily expand the site significantly later on, while still keeping it easy for GlassConnect employees to update the site when necessary.

We also wanted to give more prominence to the USPs, the national phone number, and wanted to do more in terms of making the branch locations more accessible (at least on the web). We accomplished this by geocoding the branch locations on an interactive map (supplied by OpenStreetMap).

The site has become a lot more streamlined, less blatant use of bright colors, we toned it down a bit to focus attention on the content of the site which is, afterall, the most important.

Project Details:

GlassConnect B.V.
Project name: 
Website Redesign
September 2012


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